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The components  make the installation of  tachographs in cars  in which non-typical construction solutions have been installed possible. The accessories we have in our offer and the exploitation materials are essential in daily work of services. We also offer spare parts and charts.

Subsidiary equipment for installment

In our offer we have the accessories which enables you to install  the tachographs and the speedometers in cars, which construction make direct installation of these devices impossible.

 •  Repaired kit "4 PIN"
 •  12V/16V converter
 •  12V/24V converter
 •  Supply wire for tachographs and ports
 •  Tachographs installment rubber
 •  Star 28 adaptor
 •  Kamaz adaptor
 •  Renault Master adaptor
 •  Tachographs slanting pad
 •  Masking frame KAMAZ - square 167 / fi 141
 •  Masking frame KAMAZ - round fi = 61 / fi = 116
 •  Silicon lubricant SILSMAR - E
 •  Current limiter
Spare parts

 •  Electronic control module 026/10
 •  Clock module for tachographs type 025/026
 •  Striped wire FFC 1,25 x 16 x 251 for tachographs type 1318
 •  Striped wire FFC 2,54 x 8 x C/ 5 /10 x 0,1 x 1,27 for tachographs type 1318
Accessories and exploitation materials