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1. Production activity.

The products in our offer are created  in our Constructional Department which employees are one of the best specialist in the area of electronic, mechanic and programming. All the projects are innovational and fulfills specific conditions  for use in heavy conditions.

 Their production  is forwarded to the production plant situated in The Warmia - Mazury Special Economic Zone, where we can manufacture our products  in prices competitive to the east countries, we don’t cover any additional  customs and transport duties. It concerns goods of a bigger sizes, and more complicated and precise construction. 

 Our activities focuses on production of our own projects, but we are also looking for orders from external companies.  

 Here you find some exemplary products which are our ideas:

 - Our creation is a project of first electronic tachograph, produced by Mera Poltik, then by Actia Company  - 026/10 Tachograph ( 026/12, 026/13);

-  We are also the producer of equipment for that device: motion sensors – hall and inductive; electronic equipment and many more subassemblies and spare parts used in tachographs;

- We produced measurement devices for legalization, checking and service of all electronic tachographs such as: Motometer, Siemens VDO, Veeder-Root - Stoneridge, Actia;

- We specialize in production of measuring equipment. Our next product is Energy Expenditure Meter, designed for  quantity estimation and qualification of heaviness of  physical work on working positions in factories, this project  come into being on the commission of the Central Institute for Labour Protection;

- Product which have broad use in motorization is electronic Speedometer for trucks, co-operating with every tachograph, equipped with CAN BUS transmission, also with digital tachographs.

- We are a leading manufacturer of electronic taximeters in Poland, we equipped over 30 000 taxicabs. Our taximeter cooperate cash registers, GPS systems and credit cards systems.

- Our newest product is specialized  cash register, which take us in a new branch – world of fiscal devices.

 2. Sale activity.

 We have over 150 services in Poland co-operating with  biggest transport companies all over the country. They make 120 0000 control exploration of tachographs  and provide also full service for taxi corporations equipped with our taximeters.

 Contact with service station allows a constant monitoring of final clients needs and supporting them in solving  their problems, we also extend our co-operation with companies who are distributors of car parts.

 Our advantage is our knowledge and experience which  we share  with our sale partners, building at the same time image of company trustworthy and responsible for own products.

 3. Service activity.

In our structure we have Service Department for Transport and Motorization, which is responsible for development telematics systems, facilitating  transport logistic, and ensuring safety of the products transporting based on GPS and GPRS systems.

Our clients are:  DEKRA, DaimlerChrysler Automotive Polska, Renault Trucks, Scania Polska, MAN Star Trucks, for them we render services in area of car electronic,  particularly car tachographs. We co-operate with largest transportation companies in Poland: Kuhnwald, Kenig, Poczta Polska, Raben, DHL, FM Logistic, TNT and more.

 We have also Accredited Laboratory, which was granted  PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 mark of quality  and was  authorized by the President of the General Metrology Office for legalization all types of tachographs in Europe. In their activity also calibration measuring devices for  metrology offices and for tachographs services are included allowing for a comprehensive services.

 4. Training activity.

 This area of our activity let us watch with trust  in the future,  believing that constant  improvement will bring expected  effectiveness. Our initiatives in this area shall be divided into three types of trainings:

  • legal trainings,
  • metrological trainings,
  • professional trainings