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1981 – The CB Electronics company establishment – First electronic taximeter production – type TX-01

1986 – Beginning of the graphic mosaic printers production  - Patent the printing head controlled panel – The beginning of new taximeter production – TX-02

1989 - The company attain status of the innovation and development company. The beginning of new taximeter production – TXZ80

1992 – The new taximeter model development  - TX PCF, and beginning of production.      Research concerning tachograph project beginning .

1994 -  Co-operation agreement with “Mera - Poltik” conclusion for the development and production of the first Polish electronic tachograpf – Poltik 026.

1995 – Beginning of production of the Energy expenditure meter MWE-1 on the Central Institute for Labour Protection license.

1996 – Development and production of first Cezar Taximeter, equipped in thermal printer – MTP.

1997 – Initialization of the Poltik 026 electronic tachograph production. – Creation Central countrywide tachographs service

1998 - Development and beginning of production of taximeters and tachographs  checking and legalization  instruments – Tachotester TC-1

1999 – Beginning of production of inductive and hall  sensors.

2000 – Dynamic development of the countrywide tachographs and taximeters service network.

2001 – Transfer of production to The Warmia - Mazury Special Economic Zone in Dobre Miasto. Establishment  of the Measurement  Laboratory and beginning accreditation process

2002 – Beginning of production of electronic speedometer TM-01 CAN. Adapting our products for taximeters fiskalization needs.

 2003 – Cezar Fiskalny in sale, Speed limiters “Elson Truck Cruise” introduced on market, getting exclusiveness for training in this area in Poland. Our Measurement  Laboratory got an accreditation. Broadening  service network with companies having experience in fiscal devices. 

 2004 – Laboratory gets an accreditation for a calibration of measurement devices, road bases and taximeters legalization. Training Department joined  trainings lead by  Central Office Of  Measures in area of modern measurements techniques and  uncertain measures. Independent  Drive Unit ZN-1 launch, equipped with display and having superior measurement parameters.   CB Electroninc supported Polish rally Land Lovers Team, taking part, in team colors of our company, in extreme country road races, Vice-championship of Russia in St. Petersburgian “Ładoga Trophy"