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  Current limiter

According to ADR norm lines 220-514 vehicles transporting hazardous goods must be equipped with a protection mode on electric connection to the tachograph. This device must conform to the requirements of the European norm EN 50 020 and EN 50 014. The protection mode limits the tension to 23V and current to 490 mA, thus it secures the electric circuits are continuously feed within theses thresholds. Menber’s current limiter P/N 08093000 has been awarded [EEx ib] IIB homologation no. 01.E.2047 X by the LOM laboratory ( Laboratorio Official Madriaga).

The electronic circuit of the current limiter is protected by a strong, IP 65 watertight protecting case made of dye-cast aluminium. The two DIN bayonet connectors to the tachograph  and to the battery are ready for plumbing. The compact size (see drawing) and flat shape of the current limiter make the fitting very easy. The shape of the current limiter has been designed to match with Menber’s TGC/E ADR general current isolating switches. In fact, thanks to the commercial vehicle combined with the current isolating switch by using 4 M8 screws with cylindrical head and washers. For fixing template see instruction sheet.

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